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Boney M. feat. Liz Mitchell - Hooray, It's A Holi-Holiday! (27/08/2017)

Boney M. DIAMONDS: http://boney-m.tv
Boney M Featuring Liz Mitchell: Legendary Disco band featuring the original lead singer.
Boney M. was not only the disco cult band of the 70's and 80's but remains a living legend of the entire disco era.
Originally founded in Germany by writer and producer Frank Farian, Boney M. was one of the disco-orientated pop acts which dominated the European charts throughout the late seventies and early eighties with a string of huge hits.
Farian moulded the four piece band in the dance pop fashion, featuring the stunning vocals of Liz Mitchell, which proved irresistible to radio, dance floors and partygoers.
Liz Mitchell, the original and only lead singer of Boney M. was born in Jamaica and moved to London at the age of eleven. Whilst working as a secretary, an agent called Liz and offered her a leading role in the musical Hair. Liz accepted and moved to Berlin where she stayed for three years. Then she sang in popular chorus THE LES HUMPHRIES SINGERS. After this she began working towards her original goal to be involved in the music business as a professional singer.
Whilst in London at a recording session Liz was asked to join a new band, Boney M. This role launched her international singing career and the rest is history.
The biography of Boney M's hits is extensive. The group had eight Number One hits in the European charts with the following singles: Daddy cool, Sunny, Ma Baker, Belfast, Rivers of Babylon, Brown Girl in the Ring, Rasputin, Mary's Boy Child.
In addition to the success of Boney M's singles was the success of five Number One albums in the European market: Take the Heat off Me, Nightflight to Venus, Love for Sale, Ocaens of Fantasy and Magic Golden Hits.
Boney M's international success during over the past twenty five years has proven that their hits definitely belong to the collection of timeless classics.
Boney M. featuring Liz Mitchell is still a phenomenal live act drawing huge crowds across Europe. The live show is as spectacular as ever and continues to tour the world.





Видео Boney M. feat. Liz Mitchell - Hooray, It's A Holi-Holiday! (27/08/2017) канала FFFclub
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