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The Problem with Front Lever

Do Weighted Pull-ups carry over to Front lever? Do Abs play a role, or only back? Why some people found it so hard to achieve while others get in in couple of months?

It's really intriguing how a single skill can be as iconic and popular, while at the same time have so many different shades and uncertainties around it. I don’t think I have to introduce front lever to any of the viewers. However, whats ironic is that probably each one of us has certain different belief or understanding of both technical aspects and the difficulty that front lever carries. On paper, we can all agree there’s nothing complicated about it - it’s just holding straight body under the bar or the rings. In reality tough, front lever creates one of the biggest confusions I’ve ever faced since starting bodyweight training. Some call it a beginner move, other say its as hard or harder than planche. Some get it in 2 months, other battle for years without any results. Dozens of exercises, drills and progressions floating around the internet. Dozens of myths, technical mistakes and theories appearing every day in the posts, videos and comments under them. And its crazy that all of it happens while some of us sleep in full front lever position and the others can’t get out from the advanced tuck zone. In this video I will try to answer one bothering question that’s been on my mind for years, why is front lever so hard to some people while so easy to the others?

0:00 Opening
1:45 The History and Anatomy of Front Lever
3:23 The Survey - Making Off
6:09 The Survey - Results
8:25 The Role of Abdominals
10:27 Front Lever Mechanics
15:43 Height/Weight and Front Lever
19:59 Specificity - Big Deal?
23:28 Ending



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Video by Pressmaster from Pexels
Music: https://artlist.io/Kuba-247738

Big thank you to all the people completing the survey and those whose voices are in the video - despite of them being aware or not ;) - Kuba, Refael, Davide, Marko, Pere.

#frontlever #calisthenics #survey

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