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What It Was Really Like The Day Kurt Cobain Died

The death of Kurt Cobain was an earthshaking moment, both for Generation X and global popular culture. The singer and songwriter who fronted Nirvana had led a troubled and mercurial life, especially in the days before his suicide. Cobain could be intensely private during moments of emotional struggle, and the day before his death was no different. Even after his body was discovered, no one was immediately sure of what happened in the hours prior to his demise. The story has come together slowly over the years, which has led to loads of conspiracy theories, but an authoritative history of events is now fairly certain. Here's what it was really like the day Kurt Cobain died.

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The final tour | 0:18
Exodus | 1:42
Troubled | 3:05
Back in Seattle | 4:17
Missing days | 5:17
Courtney Love | 6:23
Tom Grant | 7:33
Kurt Cobains suicide note | 8:35
The story breaks | 9:57
Friends and family respond | 10:56
Memorials | 11:29

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