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Astrology for Beginners: How to Read a Birth Chart 🌝

I'm so excited to talk about ASTROLOGY. Let's learn to understand astrology on a deeper level and how to read a birth chart! There's more to astrology than just your zodiac sign... welcome to the art of reading and interpreting celestial bodies 🌝 I hope you find something fascinating and discover more about yourself and your loved ones.

Comment below with your primal triad!! I'm a libra sun, sagittarius moon, gemini rising 😸

🌟 BLOG POST W/ DETAILS ON THE SIGNS, PLANETS & HOUSES: https://www.lavendaire.com/astrology101

// astrology birth/natal chart resources
→ Astro.com | http://bit.ly/30GrjDj
→ Cafe Astrology | http://bit.ly/2K9C0aK
→ Astro Theme | http://bit.ly/2Kc2E2Z
→ app: Co-Star | http://bit.ly/2K9C1vk
→ app: Sanctuary Astrology | https://apple.co/2K6tE3S
→ app: TimePassages | https://apple.co/2K994zF
→ app (Android): AstroMatrix | http://bit.ly/2KaubBE

// learn more about astrological concepts
→ Book: The Inner Sky by Steven Forrest | https://amzn.to/2zm22W8
→ Birth chart explained | https://astrostyle.com/astrology-birth-chart/
→ Hemisphere emphasis | https://cafeastrology.com/articles/hemisphereemphasis.html
→ Lunar nodes | https://astrostyle.com/learn-astrology/north-south-nodes/
→ Stelliums | http://theastrologydictionary.com/s/stellium/
→ Planetary Aspects | https://astrostyle.com/aspects/

Fun fact: Carl Jung (Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst who founded analytical psychology) was an astrologer. Astrology + psychology are connected. → https://exploringyourmind.com/carl-jung-astrology-psychoanalysis/

// more videos on self discovery tools
→ tarot cards for beginners | http://bit.ly/2Mc7WOk
→ MBTI (myers-briggs type indicator) | http://bit.ly/2OGofpL
→ 30 journaling prompts for self discovery | http://bit.ly/2oASwaZ

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