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Top 10 Bands That Became More Successful with a New Singer

Top 10 Bands That Became More Successful with a New Singer
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Bands that changed singers or got new band members often don't succeed in the music industry, but these bands became some of the most successful music groups in the world after they changed singers. Charting groups on the list come from all over the music world from thrash metal, to LA hardcore, 70s Hard Rock, New Wave and 80s and of course Prog Rock masters Genesis.

List rank and entries:
01:29 #10 - Phil Anselmo replaces Terry Glaze in Pantera
02:40 #9 - Henry Rollins takes over from Dez Cadena in Black Flag
03:51 #8: Ian Gillan replaces Rod Evans in Deep Purple
04:55 #7: Steve Perry takes over from Gregg Rolie in Journey
06:06 #6: Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks replace Bob Welch in Fleetwood Mac
07:12 #5: Simon Le Bon replaces Stephen Duffy in Duran Duran
08:17 #4: Phil Collins replaces Peter Gabriel in Genesis
09:32 #3, #2 & #1: ?
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