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Chris Watts | Psychopathy, Narcissism, Rage, Infidelity, & Murder

This video answers the question: What potential personality characteristics were present in the Chris Watts murders (Watts family murders)? There are a number of theories about these murders including those involving psychopathy, narcissism, rage, impulsivity, and infidelity.

The details of these murders are horrific. In 2018, Chris Watts (33 at the time) murdered his wife (Shanann Watts, 34, who was 15 weeks pregnant), and his daughters (Bella, 4 & Celeste, 3). Chris was involved in an affair at the time with Nichol Lee Kessinger (30 at the time).


There are two types of psychopathy: Factor 1 (primary, interpersonal affective) and Factor 2 (lifestyle, antisocial) psychopathy. Factor 1 psychopathy has characteristics like grandiosity, pathological lying, manipulation, a superficial charm, callous, unemotional, low neuroticism and lack of guilt or remorse. Factor 2 psychopathy has a parasitic lifestyle, being prone to boredom, sensation seeking, impulsivity, irresponsibility, a failure to have long term goals, poor behavioral controls, and criminal versatility.


There are two types of narcissism: With grandiose narcissism we see characteristics like being extroverted, socially bold, self-confident, having a superficial charm, being resistant to criticism, and being callous and unemotional. Vulnerable narcissism is characterized by shame, anger, aggression, hypersensitivity, a tendency to be introverted, defensive, avoidant, anxious, depressed, socially awkward, and shy.

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Видео Chris Watts | Psychopathy, Narcissism, Rage, Infidelity, & Murder канала Dr. Todd Grande
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