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#Bono and Jordan Hewson: A heartfelt father-daughter interview

Bono And His Daughter Talk Family, Celebrity And Finally Finding Home

#U2 lead singer #Bono was just 14 years old when he lost his mother to a brain aneurysm. He found himself living in an all-male household on the north side of Dublin that lacked the warmth and closeness of a tight-knit family. It would be years before he finally understood what “home” truly felt like.

The artist sat down alongside his daughter, #JordanHewson, for HuffPost’s parent-child interview series, Talk To Me, and looked back on the moment he left that house and found the family he always wanted...


Видео #Bono and Jordan Hewson: A heartfelt father-daughter interview канала U2News
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16 ноября 2016 г. 23:28:18