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Restoration of a Rusty Bruno Söhnle Glashütte Automatic-Watch - Sellita SW-200 Full Service

This time i´am restoring an automatic wristwatch. The model is called
"Lagomat" and it´s made by Bruno Söhnle in Glashütte (Germany).
It is powered by an Sellita SW-200 movement, made in La Chaux-de-Fonds
(Switzerland) and modified by Bruno Söhnle. The saphire crystal is
surrounded by a rose gold ion-plated stainless steel bezel. The black
dial with rose gold indices and hands complete the portrait of this
elegant dresswatch priced at approx. 1300 USD.

Unfortunately the watch isn´t running at all, the crown-stem is
broken and there is quite some rust inside this beautiful movement.
The watch and especially the strap is dirty and smells awful.
It seems like some of the rust and dirt has found it´s way to the
dial as well and the hands have tarnished over time.

After disassembling the watch, the movement starts moving again.
But as expected, the movement is in a pretty bad condition and loses
several minutes a day. I need to disassemble the whole movement,
clean all the parts and re-assemble it with some fresh oil.

The crown-stem has broken off flush on the crown. No chance to get
it out by handtools, without damaging the crown itself. After 1 week
in an alum/water-bath the stem has dissolved completely and
a new stem can be mounted.

Dial and hands are cleaned and after some slight polishing of
the case and bezel, the watch can be assembled again. Treat this
watch a new strap and enjoy it on the wrist.

A small downer: The rosegold bezel has some slight signs of wear-off.
Re-Plating the stainless steel bezel is a pretty expensive job,
even more if the color shade should match the original. That´s why
i leave it as it is.

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Видео Restoration of a Rusty Bruno Söhnle Glashütte Automatic-Watch - Sellita SW-200 Full Service канала Red Dead Restoration
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