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The True Story Why Girl Groups Never Last

Fifth Harmony And Spice Girls Aren't The Only Girl Groups To Split, And Here's Why!
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Girl groups appear to have a short shelf life - but just how short is it? We’ll talk about some of the most popular girl bands around the world and see what caused them to break up. Get ready for some tea and nostalgia on some of your favorite singers. While communication seems to be the biggest issue in girl groups, it is clear there is a disconnect between the label desires and the artistic vision of the actual band. This causes a lot of conflicts that eventually just don’t see eye to eye. On top of that, bands that seemed to have a lead singer appear to have struggled with the identity of other members a lot more. And, of course, then there’s social media, which tracks your every move, making it impossible to keep things secret. This is the true story why girl groups never last and we’re spilling some tea on Fifth Harmony, Danity Kane, The Spice Girls, Pussycat Dolls, Girls Aloud, and 2NE1.

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