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Italian to English Funny Mistranslations: 7 examples

Italian to English funny mistranslations. 7 bad translations and a reminder of how we must never assume that a word in a foreign language with a similar spelling has the same meaning! This video aims to show just that along with a few personal and funny stories in which my friends and myself were the victims of false friends.

While it is important to do our research and use the correct words, it is all too easy to use the wrong word. Our mind plays tricks on us all the time! Our mind also doesn't want to accept another meaning for a word that we have known to be normal all our lives. Then all of a sudden you are told that you're using it incorrectly in the other language. The solution? Live it up. Laugh. Learn and remember for the next time! Buona visione!


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00:00 intro
00:44 Preservativi/Preservatives
01:41 Tampon/Tampone
02:36 Phon/Phone
03:25 Rant
03:57 Parents/Parenti
04:43 Pretend/Demand
06:23 Stay/Stare
08:07 To salute /Salutare
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