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Science Fiction [Morning Psytrance Mix 2016]

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An ode to 'Science Fiction'.

Here is my next mix and I want to introduce it with a little story:

A few weeks ago a friend called me and said "Toby come over here, I must show you something!". I should add here that he is a crazy scientist and his name is Dr. von Braun. When I arrived there, he yelled "MY INVENTION WORKS! YES, IT WORKS!". Then he explained me that he invented something called 'Hux Flux Accelerator', which makes travelling through time possible! He built it into a brandnew BMW i8 which makes the whole thing even more awesome! He wanted to show me how it works, so he asked me where or better when I want to go. That was easy to answer. "Of course to the year 2303!" I said to him. We went there and stayed for a few days. Of course I wanted to see how clubbing evolved over the years. After some investigation I found the club 'Labor3k' here in Munich. We went there and I totally got blown away from the music! It was hard to convince the DJ but finally he gave me the tracks he played. So I'm very happy to present you music from the future! ...

Yeah I guess you know that did not really happen :) That's 'Science Fiction'. To me the most important genre of fantastic literature, which inspired a lot of people to invent great things, e.g. the communicator from Star Trek which led to mobile phones, etc.

Now some real facts: I've listened through about 4.500 tracks to find those here and overall I worked over 350 hours on this mix project! It files under my definition of Morning Psytrance, that is: DEEP, ATMOSPHERIC, HYPNOTIC, DRIVING, MELODIC & UPLIFTING (but never going cheesy) & NEVER TOO NOISY! Basically that means more Trance & less PsyFX noise, which makes it more Psychedelic in the end!
At least for me, this one here is the ULTIMATE Psytrance mix, which is far beyond anything I could ever imagine! Quite some tracks in here are in a very futuristic shape which I never heard before. I'm very happy about this fact, because basically I found something I was searching since ages but didn't know I do! It's so different that I would best describe this music as "Science Fiction Psytrance" coming from the future! That's also the idea behind title 'Science Fiction' and the story from above.
Enjoy your next flight with TB-Spaceways with 3,5 hours of Science Fiction Psychedelic Trance Music from a distant future!

Sincerely yours
Tobias 'TB' Bassline
PS: Thanks to the DJs Kenshiro, Jan Henric, El Metin, Saban & Nash. Without them this mix would not exist!
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[0:00:00] Zeus - Sudden State Of Mind
[0:06:05] Psycho Abstract - From Father To Son
[0:12:44] Sonic Entity - De Facto
[0:18:22] Labyr1nth - Pyramid Technology
[0:24:40] Jerando & Gomez - Beyond The Orbiter
[0:30:33] Flextool - Wonderland
[0:36:52] Pulsar & Thaihanu - The World Is Changed (Barby Remix)
[0:42:57] Hux Flux - Collapse Of The State Vector
[0:49:21] Hypnocoustics feat. Mr. Peculiar - Triquetra
[0:56:06] Cathar - We Come In Peace
[1:02:52] The Digital Blonde - Absentia
[1:08:44] Jerando & Gomez - Landing At Dusk
[1:14:22] M-Theory & Twelve Sessions - Once In A Blue Moon
[1:20:54] Sonic Species - Tokyo Sunrise
[1:27:53] Outer World Elements - The Descent
[1:32:52] Nature - Roh Saka Alas
[1:38:30] Soul Kontakt - Soul Fly
[1:44:22] XeroX & Volcano vs. Sonic Species - Pitch Control
[1:52:01] Tuk - Third Eye
[1:58:13] MoaiacT - Poly Crystals
[2:05:26] Ying Yang Monks - The Tao
[2:10:37] Hux Flux - Finite Automata
[2:16:10] Jerando & Gomez - Frequency Controlled
[2:22:57] Mental Broadcast - Play Loud
[2:29:00] Hypnocoustics - Buttoned Down
[2:36:06] MoaiacT - Regreso
[2:42:38] Cathar - The First Sighting
[2:48:44] ArkoMo - Spirit Worlds (TB Edit)
[2:54:22] Electryxeed & Pulsar - Outside The Lines
[3:01:24] Soul Kontakt & Entheogenic - Terma
[3:09:17] Sonic Entity & Lyctum - Entitum
[3:16:13] Labyr1nth - Nirvana Network
[3:24:54] eLement9 - Extra Terrestrial

Видео Science Fiction [Morning Psytrance Mix 2016] канала Tobias Bassline
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