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Titanic 2 - Deep Rising (2021 Movie Trailer Concept)

Jack's Back in this new trailer for Titanic 2! Rose (Kate Winslet) lost Jack (Leonardo Dicaprio) after the tragic sinking of Titanic. A year later, an oil crew makes a shocking discovery inside an iceberg. Is it possible? Could this really be the return of Jack?

This is a reboot of the Jack's Back concept trailer (it follows the same basic plot). Jack is pulled from the ocean, bought back to life, then struggles to reconcile with Rose.

This is a concept trailer. That means it's not real. These movie trailers are made for fun. They're creating by editing together existing scenes with new music, effects and voiceovers. A new narrative is created for a fictional movie sequel.

This video was a collaboration with another YouTube editor (his channel name is Billster).


This is also the sixth Titanic themed video I've created (Phew!). The other trailers in this series are Jacks Back, Never Let Go, The Return of Jack, The Rose Diaries, and Jacks Back: The Reboot.

This video uses 12 different films and I hired 4 voice actors.

If you enjoyed this trailer then check out some of my other fan trailers including Back to the Future 4, Jurassic World 3, Forrest Gump 2, Friends: The Pals Reboot, The Rose Diaries, Joker 2 Revenge or Black Panther 2.

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Видео Titanic 2 - Deep Rising (2021 Movie Trailer Concept) канала VJ4rawr2
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