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Trastevere. Best restaurants. 8 recommendations!

My recommendations for eating out in the old part of Trastevere and some of the best restaurants where you spend less and eat better! In this video I also explain what a trapizzino and supplì which are two particular foods that you have to try when you come to Trastevere! Also, I give two tips on how to choose a good restaurant. Like anywhere however it's always good to check restaurants on tripadvisor and the fork and also to reserve ahead of time. Since Trastevere is a very popular area, you might be out of luck if you show up after 8pm, so use the these two apps to make a reservation. If they don't work, then just call the restaurant.

Check for discounts too!!

Something particular in this video: I explain the pronunciation and grammatically correct way to say if you want one cannolo or two cannoli.

These are all places that I have been to and recommend! Check out a place close to the Trastevere station called Luppolo Station. It's got burgers, ribs and beer! All the places I have mentioned here are not far from other as the old Trastevere neighborhood is not gigantic.

Links to make a reservation:

1. Trip Advisor . https://www.tripadvisor.com/
2. The Fork . https://www.thefork.com/ . (check for discounts!)

Jump to a specific part of the video!
00:00 intro
00:32 Entrance to the centro storico di Trastevere:
01:01 Carlo Menta
01:24 Mama Eat (pizzeria)
01:48 Making a reservation:
02:09 Il Siciliano (sweets and desserts)
02:29 Pronunciation of Cannolo and Cannoli
02:50 Tips for eating out
03:18 Il Duca
03:47 Big Hilda
04:01 T bone Station
04:15 Bir and Fud
04:22 Sexy Shot place
04:30 Trapizzino
05:00 Learn italiano! 🇮🇹 🇮🇹
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