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👣 Ingrown Toenail Removal Causes and Prevention Pedicure Tutorial 👣

This video is about Ingrown Toenail Removal Causes and Prevention Tutorial. In today's video I am going to explain how a true ingrown toenail manifests, show you how to remove the build-up of skin that is irritating this clients ingrown toenail area and talk about the causes, what to avoid and how to prevent ingrown toenails and what is outside the scope of a nail technicians license and what we can not work on so stay tuned!. #ingrowntoenail #pedicure #meticulousmanicurist

Before we get to the good part I have to give you some backstory, this photo was taken from the pedicure I gave her 6 months ago when she got the ok from her podiatrist that the ingrown toenail was healed. you just heard her say she thought the skin was growing up around the nail and I thought maybe she was just wearing tight shoes, but what I think that puffy skin might be is when you get a true ingrown toenail, a sharp piece of the nail actually punctures the skin down in the nail groove the body senses injury and increases the blood supply for healing to take place so you may see more pink or red skin around the area and redness doesn’t always mean infection. But If the nail is ignored for too long the body may even create a granuloma around the area which prevents the foreign object, the nail, from invading the body even more. And this extra tissue makes the area puffier and makes the nail press into the skin even more. I think the puffy skin on the side of her nail is where a granuloma may have started.

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Thanks for watching my video about Ingrown Toenail Removal Causes and Prevention Pedicure Tutorial 👣

Видео 👣 Ingrown Toenail Removal Causes and Prevention Pedicure Tutorial 👣 канала The Meticulous Manicurist Nail Tutorials
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