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Tragic Details About Cher

Having faced down poverty, illness, divorce, and the ever-changing tastes of the public, Cher continues to beat the odds, winning over generation after generation of fans with her unwavering dedication and endless talent. From her early days to her recent struggles, this is Cher's tragic real-life story.

Cher's parents, Georgia Holt and John Sarkisian, had a short and tumultuous relationship that ended in divorce when Cher was just ten months old. The singer would know little of her father until Holt briefly reconciled with Sarkisian when she was 11. Cher's relationship with her father, a struggling gambler and drug addict, was at times volatile, and they rarely spoke. Nevertheless, Cher took from her troubled father a deep love and respect for her Armenian heritage.

The man whom Cher would consider her real father was Holt's third husband, actor John Southall. But even this marriage failed in the end, and Holt and Southall divorced when Cher was nine. In fact, Holt married seven times in total. In 1978, she told People magazine:

"In those days it wasn't right to sleep with someone if you weren't married. So I ended up getting married a lot."

"You have to know that Daddy drilled that into my head, because Mother wasn't there, he said, 'Don't you ever let a man touch you, ever ever ever, unless you're married.'"

Holt's frequent divorces led to a nomadic and often impoverished lifestyle for young Cher. An aspiring actress and singer, Holt subsisted on bit parts in movies and the occasional singing gig.

When Cher was only two years-old, circumstances became so dire that Holt was forced to place her daughter in the care of a Catholic orphanage for several weeks until she could get on firmer financial footing. In a 2010 cover story, Cher told Vanity Fair of her hardscrabble upbringing. She recalled:

"I remember being really ashamed of my clothes. I was so hard on my shoes...I remember going to school with rubber bands around my shoes to keep my soles on."

And Holt's occasional inroads to Hollywood made for a sometimes confusing existence. Cher explained:

"We ate a can of stew or a can of beans one week, but then sometimes we lived in Beverly Hills. It was a very strange life."

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