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Dance Monkey - Karolina Protsenko (feat. Barvina) - Tones and I - Cover

Loved covering the song "Dance Monkey" (original by Tones and I). The song is about street performance. My friend Barvina who sings with me in this video is a very talented actor and singer.
My other video with Barvina https://youtu.be/c8557HqkKOw
Please, subscribe to Barvina's channel https://bit.ly/BarvinaShow
My other "Dance Monkey" at home https://youtu.be/x6EirTwuRU8

Please, subscribe to my Youtube channel https://bit.ly/KarolinaProtsenkoViolinist

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Видео Dance Monkey - Karolina Protsenko (feat. Barvina) - Tones and I - Cover канала Karolina Protsenko Violin
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27 июля 2020 г. 21:30:00