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A Change Is Gonna Come - Brian Owens and Michael McDonald feat. David Sanborn | SANBORN SESSIONS

As we all stay safe and sane at home, here’s hoping this pause leads to a positive change.

From all of us at Sanborn Sessions: we hope the music can offer some comfort in uncertain times and help spread some positive vibes and love, because a change will come.

Stay safe everyone 💛

With love,
The Sanborn Sessions Team 🎷


Brian Owens performs Sam Cooke's "A Change Is Gonna Come" with support from Michael McDonald on vocals and David Sanborn on saxophone.

Watch all of Session 2 here: https://youtu.be/hlcg1kyGeDo


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David Sanborn, six-time Grammy Award winning saxophonist, proudly presents Sanborn Sessions.

Sanborn Sessions is a gathering of top artists from a variety of genres to explore the essence of music and being a musician through song and conversation.

With no script or studio audience, Sanborn Sessions allows viewers to become voyeurs -- flies on the wall -- as renowned artists show up to Dave's home studio to hang out and play music.

Season One guests include Kandace Springs, Michael McDonald, Terrace Martin, Brian Owens, Bob James, Jonatha Brooke, Charlie Hunter, and Cyrille Aimee.

Dave's house band rounds out the show with Ben Williams on bass, Billy Kilson and Nate Smith on drums, Andy Ezrin on keyboards, Jon Herington on guitar, and Alice Soyer on vocals.

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Видео A Change Is Gonna Come - Brian Owens and Michael McDonald feat. David Sanborn | SANBORN SESSIONS канала Sanborn Sessions
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