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Cool Obama's Surprises

Joe Biden becomes the 46th US president! (see below*)

Music : Steve Ray - Yeah (Original Mix) -- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=exowRNxq_64

Other Cool Obama video : https://youtu.be/13HM_96pUIo

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Former president Obama was a people person, relive some of its best surprises throughout his presidency and after, and, perhaps, someone else's surprises...

*Every american election had votes counted up to a dozen days after election day but only this one had :
- That many mail in ballots, we're talking millions, preventing from making a clear winner on the day of election
- Razor thin margin in some swing states also preventing from making a clear winner early.

Yet, why did Trump refuse to concede?
- Because of his enormous ego,
- Because he want to discredit his rival's presidency,
- Because he wants to keep having a major role in politics,
- Finally because of revenge against the democrats who tried to, rightfully, impeach him.
At what cost? Undermining democracy, dividing people even more than they are already and letting Covid spread like crazy. In the years to come, movies will be make about Trump and his final days at the white house, he will go down in history as one of the most dangerous and inadequate leader of the modern days.

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