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The French Revolution - OverSimplified (Part 1)

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Part 2 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EQmjXM4VK2U&t=658s

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--------------- ATTRIBUTIONS ---------------
Music (licensed under a Creative Commons license):

From Epidemic Sound:
Bonn Fields – Spodumene
Trailer Worx – Trailed By Horror
Christian Andersen – Faboulous Destiny
The New Fools – It’s Funk O’Clock
Trabant 33 – Memories Of Paris
Trabant 33 – Sunset Over Seine
The Flax – Give This Night A Chance
Stationary Sign – Simple Magic
Stationary Sign – Confused Minds
Golden – Hymn To The Rising Sun
Kikoru – Night Owls
The Waiting World – Slide On Over
Spectacles Wallet And Watch – Sneaky Sneaky Sir
Vieveri – Ostinato
Grant – Last March Of Heroes

From Artlist:
Ian Post – Eminence Landscapes
Max Herve - War
Stanley Gurvich – The Rains
Imop – The Whisper Man
Constance – The Descent
Kevin Graham - Autumn

By Kevin MacCleod:
Fast Talkin
Covert Affair
Face Off
I Knew A Guy
Marty Gots A Plan
Spy Glass
Ave Marimba


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