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Queen Elizabeth Lives An Insanely Lavish Life

Queen Elizabeth II is arguably the most famous head of any royal family. The lives of members of the British monarchy are followed by millions of people around the world. There are a big part of popular culture and have even inspired countless movies and hit TV shows.

But what is the life of a queen really like? Movies and TV shows can only provide us a fictional reimagining of the life of this famous monarch. At the very least we know she lives in luxury and comfort. But how does Queen Elizabeth II spend her $600 million fortune? Here’s a peek into her lavish lifestyle.

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Main home has 78 bathrooms | 0:00
Hundreds of rubies in tiaras | 1:21
Traveling all around the world | 2:17
Don't forget the second palace | 3:11
She loves designer brand purses | 4:03
Royal plane and train | 4:59
Several private chefs | 6:00
Queen Elizabeth owns racehorses | 6:53
Multiple luxury cars | 7:39
Her massive fine art collection | 8:27
Ladies-in-waiting | 9:08
$100 million summer home | 9:56
Her very own ATM | 10:41
The break-in-shoes employee | 11:14

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