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Foo Fighters at The Cubby Bear, Chicago, October 17th, 2014 !! Thank You Foos!!


Check lyrics video for "In the Clear"!! : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qYzY25b_uek
Broadcast crashed on Walk, so it´s not fully completed*

* I recorded this from a live webcast on the internet, I believe the source video crashed and we lost this part of the show on "Walk", it wasnt a fault on my end. Anyway I decided to put it all together and share it. This was the first concert for the Sonic Highways launch, there were other 7 on the respective cities of the songs I believe. I dont remember well if there were webcasts for all of the other 7 concerts, but for sure there were for some of them.

Setlist: (thanks Igor 100 for time markers)
0:17 - All My Life
5:42 - I'll Stick Around
9:18 - Rope
16:45 - Up in Arms (Dedicated to Steve Albini)
22:44 - Big Me
25:18 - White Limo
28:43 - Arlandria
33:52 - My Hero
42:00 - Stiff Competition (Cheap Trick cover) (with Rick Nielsen & Taylor on lead vocals, Dave on drums)
50:32 - Cold Day in the Sun (Taylor on lead vocals)
54:34 - Miss You (The Rolling Stones cover) (Taylor on lead vocals)
1:01:49 - Generator
1:05:33 - Walk
1:08:10 - Learn to Fly
1:12:50 - This Is a Call (1:15:22 Dave playing on the bar) best moment of the show :D
1:27:25 - The Pretender
1:34:44 - Best of You
1:45:20 - Surf Combat (Naked Raygun cover) (with Jeff Pezzati)
1:47:55 - Weenie Beenie
1:53:17 - Surrender (Cheap Trick cover) (with Rick Nielsen)
1:59:15 - Something From Nothing (with Rick Nielsen)
2:06:40 - Everlong
Thanks : Foo Fighters and Livestream(back in the day) !

Видео Foo Fighters at The Cubby Bear, Chicago, October 17th, 2014 !! Thank You Foos!! канала JinxGD
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