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Maestras – The Long Journey Of Women To The Podium

Being a female conductor means being an exception, even today. When a woman stands on the podium she is, in most cases, somehow “the first”: the first to lead a world-class orchestra, the first to conduct the “Last Night of the Proms” in London, the first to win the German Conductor Prize. For decades, this sensational character has been tradition. At the same time it seems that the world of the maestro is now in a state of upheaval.

Joanna Mallwitz, Germany’s youngest female music director, says, “Perhaps this is exactly the time when women are not only are able to be conductors but are also able to be conductors the way they are.”

But why is it that there have been so few female conductors in the international music scene? To take a closer look at this phenomenon, the 55-minute film MAESTRAS follows several female conductors at this year’s Lucerne Festival, which with the motto “PrimaDonna” dedicates itself to this theme. Along with the musicians of the festival, the life of the former conductor Sylvia Caduff is followed. The Swiss woman was the first female assistant to Leonard Bernstein and directed the Berlin Philharmonic in 1978 when she filled in for Herbert von Karajan.

Through the rehearsals, concerts and talks with participants of various professions as well as historical footage, the film looks at this subject in closer detail.

More information here: http://accentus.com/productions/maestras-the-long-journey-of-women-to-the-podium

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