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Mr. Big - Take Cover / Covered by Billy Sheehan & Yoyoka with friends

My name is Yoyoka Soma who is a 10-year-old drummer from Japan🇯🇵
I'm a big fan of Billy Sheehan and we did a special collabo together this time🔥
Amazing musicians are joined our collab as well❗️
We did a remote recording but it turned out an epic cool video and I hope you all get a chance to watch it⭐️
I'd love to play with Billy when the pandemic is over☺️
I played the drums with respect to Pat Torpey🥁

Billy Sheehan - Bass
PAULIE Z - Vocals
Brandon Paul - Guitar
Yoyoka Soma - Drums

#BillySheehan #MrBig #TakeCover #Yoyoka

◉Billy Sheehan

◉PAULIE Z (Sweet, ZO2, Z Rock, Founder of the David Z Foundation)
Paulie's Fan page : https://www.facebook.com/pauliezofficial/
David Z Foundation : https://www.facebook.com/davidzfoundation
Fundraiser page : https://www.gofundme.com/f/dzf2020

◉Brandon Paul (Bobby Kimball, Brandon Paul Trio)
Brandon’s fan page: https://www.facebook.com/brandonpaulofficial
Brandon’s YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSfWpi6awWlKEkniZSI-igQ

◎Drum recording and sound mixing, drum filming, and video editing are Akifumi Soma (Yoyoka's father)

◎Coordinator -Ayumi Logan

🥁Do you want to support my Channel?
Sign up as a Yoyoka Friendship Member: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWQAiVlpjivfvB4Cbtm_17g/join

I'm now accepting donations via PayPal

✨YOYOKA Website✨

🌟I went to Los Angeles to appear at The Ellen DeGeneres Show❗️
●1st time
●2nd time

🥁Drummer Yoyoka’s Profile🥁
Born in October 2009. She started playing drums at the age of two,appearanced on live at the age of four, and formed the family band "Kaneaiyoyoka" at the age of five. Released 1st CD at 6 years old while in kindergarten.
Not only drums but also songwriting, vocals and piano.
In 2018, she became the weekly champion at the youngest age of 8 in the section under the age of 18 in the global female drummer contest "Hit Like A Girl". An application video that covered Led Zeppelin's "Good Times Bad Times" was featured in NBC, NPR, Rolling Stone magazine and Billboard in the US, and spread all over the world.
Robert Plant from Led Zeppelin, Chad Smith from Red Hot Chili Peppers, Sheryl Crow, Gene Simmons and Eric Singer from KISS, Kim Gordon from Sonic Youth, Hayley Williams from Paramore, Sass Jordan, Tony Royster Jr., Rage Against the Machine's drummer Brad Wilk, Jamiroquai's drummer Derrick McKenzie and others have praised her.

At the age of eight, she appearanced in Japan's famous rock festival "RISING SUN ROCK FESTIVAL in EZO"as the youngest ever and made a surprise appearance on the stage of Fall Out Boy in "Summer Sonic Tokyo". Their collaboration heaped up 20,000 audience.

Received an offer from Cyndi Lauper, played two songs as a guest drummer at the performance at Tokyo Orchard Hall on the last day of Cyndi Lauper’s Japan tour.

Also, she has been selected as a commercial for world-class brands such as Nike, Moncler, and UNIQLO. Filming was also done in Thailand and New York, and received a great response from all over the world.

She made two appearances in The Ellen DeGeneres Show in LA in January and May 2019 and was praised by Dave Grohl from Foo Fighters. Also, the first overseas live at the long-established live house "Whisky A Go Go" in Los Angeles was a great success.
In April 2019, she was selected as Newsweek Japan's "100 Japanese people respected by the world", the youngest in history.

At the age of eight, she made endorsement contract with drum makers Pearl and VIC FIRTH,as the world's youngest,and also made endorsement contracts with Zildjian, CYMPAD and DW.

At the Pearl booth of the world's largest musical instrument show "NAMM Show" held in Anaheim in 2020, she performed as the youngest female, only Japanese drummer.
The impact of "Yoyoka" continues to spread to the world.

Her favorite drummers are John Henry Bonham, Chris Coleman, Nate Smith, Chad Smith and David Grohl.

Her dream is to travel around the world and have sessions with people all over the world. Her recently dream is to play at the Tokyo Olympics.

Видео Mr. Big - Take Cover / Covered by Billy Sheehan & Yoyoka with friends канала かねあいよよかKaneaiyoyoka /
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