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Strategy to Spotting Reversals When Forex Trading

We all know Reversals happen in the Forex market, but the key is how can you spot them? Well, the answer to that lies in the Price Action analysis that you do. This analysis can help you find those Reversals in any trading strategy that you decide to use.

Navin will discuss how in some situations a reversal is much more likely and how you can spot these situations on a daily basis. A lot of this will revolve around the price action on each unique setup. Each setup will give you clues on whether or not you can expect a reversal to happen, or whether the trend will just continue.

A lot of the time this clues will revolve around location in the chart, whether or not the price will reverse. But also, sometimes is will revolve around the the the speed and momentum of the previous moves leading up to the reversal area. Navin will touch on both of these concepts in great detail in this video. So, sit back, relax and enjoy learning how you can incorporate these concepts into your everyday trading, so that you to can spot reversals like a pro!

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