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Akzentz Luxio Gel Manicure: Part 1

Luxio is the "gel polish" line from Akzentz. For those that are unfamiliar with this brand you don't know what you're missing! It took me 4 years to discover Akzentz (they're Canadian) but I have to tell you their gels are amazing. I use the term gel polish loosely as Akzentz Luxio is 100% gel with no solvents, paints, polishes, or thinners. With this gel line you get the convenience of a bottle but with the coverage and quality of a truly professional product. You can find Akzentz Luxio as well as other amazing products at SHOP.THENAILHUB.COM.

*won't dry out or get thicker
*won't eat it's own brush
*doesn't change color or fade
*doesn't run into the cuticle
*can be used for art too!
*cures easily with no bubbling or peeling
*covers with full color payoff in 1 coat
*no chemical smell or fumes
*easy removal in 7-10 minutes
*cures in LED (30s) or CFL (2m) style lamps

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