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HAVASI — The Duel | 2013 - Drum & Piano (Official Video)

Drum & Piano 'The Duel' performance recorded live at the HAVASI Symphonic Arena Show on the 21st of December, 2013.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HAVASI
Website: http://www.havasi.eu


About the Drum & Piano project

What could be more of a musical contrast than a virtuoso classical pianist and a rock drummer? Ordinarily, people expect the pianist to be precise and disciplined, dressed formally in a tuxedo and playing in prestigious concert halls - and the rock drummer to be wild and loud, in t-shirt and torn jeans, playing in downtown venues. Two worlds that never connect.

Yet put them together and what do we get? In this case, an exciting chain reaction as one musical personality bounces off another. HAVASI, the conservatoire-trained classical pianist, and Endi, drummer with the rock band ‘Hooligans’ now appear together on the same stage - united in a shared desire to make great music across barriers of genre. Their performance is both a collaboration and a duel - a spellbinding clash that creates musical sparks while also revealing the unexpected: the delicacy of the drum kit, the percussive power of the piano.

In this exciting meeting of musical minds and hearts something extraordinary is produced. For a moment a beautiful melody floats above a hard drum beat, then gentle cymbal strokes mix with percussive piano riffs. Energy and sheer power fuse with subtlety and sophistication to create a moving and dramatic musical experience.

Add to this a striking visual element and the result is first rate quality entertainment with real passion and heart. ‘Drum and Piano’ is a thrilling and innovative performance offering something wholly unexpected.


Composer: HAVASI
Performed by HAVASI (piano), ENDI (drums)

Producer and Creative Director: Csaba Marjai
Arranger and Conductor: Peter Pejtsik
Editor and Film Director: Laszlo Krisko
Director of Photography: Zoltan Csincsi
Sound Engineer: Gabor Juhos
Costume Designer: Tamas Naray
Music Production Director: Miklos Lukacs

Видео HAVASI — The Duel | 2013 - Drum & Piano (Official Video) канала HAVASI
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