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HAVASI — Freedom | Drum & Piano (Official Music Video)

Classical pianist vs. rock drummer with beautiful imagery of Budapest, Hungary. A duel or cooperation? Against each other or attuned?

There is a point in all approaches, and this bold experiment, based on the friendship of the two guys, has by now become a brilliant success. While at first sight it may be striking to see both guys together, their approach to music is nearly the same and the difference between them is merely apparent.

It is unprecedented to have an entire musical album protagonised by the classical piano and the rock drum, each a heavy-weight instrument which has excelled in two widely different genres.

After almost two years of preparation, ENDI and HAVASI brought out a professional studio album to prove that even in Hungary you can create a kind of music which comes as a surprise to the whole world. You can produce something which is not an imitation. All you need is an original idea and two unique characters.


One man from the academy, who became a virtuoso.
And another from the street, who became a rock star.
A composer who goes beyond the rules,
And a drummer who breaks them.
Two men - two different worlds.
They should never appear on the same stage.
They should never even have met.
But their hearts beat to the same rhythm.
And now They're making their own rules!


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HAVASI
Website: http://www.havasi.eu


Freedom | Drum & Piano

Composed performed by: HAVASI
Featuring: ENDI, drums

Producer and Creative Director: Csaba Marjai
Music Production Director: Miklos Lukacs

Видео HAVASI — Freedom | Drum & Piano (Official Music Video) канала HAVASI
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