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Boney M. - Gotta Go Home (Long Version, 1979)

In 1973 the German band Nighttrain released a single titled "Hallo Bimmelbahn". However, the song did not become a hit and did not even make it into the local TOP-100. In 1979, Boney M's ( https://youtu.be/RthvwVf3C0A ) producer Frank Farian ( https://youtu.be/mHGlRalt8gs ) obtained the performance rights from Nighttrain's producer Michael Holm, who was very interested in the performance rights for the German version of Boney M's hit "El Lute" ( https://youtu.be/AVT3cprX1tY ).
As a result, Farian made the international hit "Gotta Go Home" from the "unsuccessful" song, and Michael Holm ( https://youtu.be/PxutrHaMmQo ) hit the high positions of the German charts with his version of "El Lute". Details here: ( https://frankfarianews.blogspot.com/2015/01/boney-m-gotta-go-home-long-version.html ).
In 2010, the American DJ duo DUCK SAUCE received from Frank Farian the right to use a sample of his voice in his interpretation called "Barbra Streisand", which also became a big hit all over the world.

about video: Radio Bremen/ARD/ZDF (West Germany, 1979). New video edition: FFFclub, 2010

Boney M. DIAMONDS CD/DVD collection: http://boney-m.tv
Official page: https://sonymusic.de/kuenstler/boney-m
FFFclub: http://frankfarianews.blogspot.com
Frank Farian: http://frankfarian-info.narod.ru
Boney M. (Spain): https://boneym.es
Germany: http://musicline.de/de/artist/BONEY+M.

Видео Boney M. - Gotta Go Home (Long Version, 1979) канала FFFclub
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