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PUGLIA. Southern Italy's secret region (Ideal 2021 summer destination )

Puglia in Southern Italy, is an ideal 2021 summer destination. Puglia Italy, has amazing beaches and weather, Puglia wines and Italian food. The region of Puglia in southern Italy is still unexplored and has so much to offer like Gargano, Trulli alberobello in and Lecce.
Baroque city of Lecce "The Florence of Southern Italy" in the region of Puglia. Lecce is the main city of the Salento peninsula, the heel of Italy. It is immersed in the clear waters of the Adriatic and Ionian coasts, where high cliffs carved by the sea alternate with sandy beaches. Much less known than cities such as Florence Venice and Rome but it is still worth a visit during your trip to Italy. Lecce is sometimes known as "the Florence of Southern Italy" Lecce, is located at the base of the "Italian boot" in Puglia, is a beautiful Baroque city.
Calabria, Puglia and Sicily are regions in the south of Italy that are waiting to be explored. Places in Sicily such as Agrigento and the valley of the temples. The beautiful beaches of "Scala dei Turchi" are well worth a visit during your summer 2021 vacation. Calabria Italy's is the perfect travel destination for exquisite Italian food in the South of Italy. Sicily and Puglia are no less and make the perfect destination for your 2021 vacation during Covid-19 pandemic since there are many beaches and plenty of outdoor activities. This travel VLOG provides a list of places to visit in such as Trulli, Gargano
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Видео PUGLIA. Southern Italy's secret region (Ideal 2021 summer destination ) канала Cultrazy European culture & travel.
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