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Top 20 Bone-Chilling Titanic Facts

Here's 20 More Titanic Facts that will shock you! April 15th 1912, a day when the unthinkable became reality. Terror struck Titanic’s passengers as they realized the unsinkable ship of dreams would soon become an underwater grave. I’m Paul DuVall, an explorer of history and technology, and you’re watching 20 More Bone-Chilling Titanic Facts. Want to continue exploring more amazing history and technology with me? Be sure to subscribe and hit the bell!

Here's the Titanic film featured in this video:
A Night to Remember (1958) – https://youtu.be/3ftYho4K3FQ

Here's what Robert Ballard’s two Titanic plaques said:
"In memory of those souls who perished with the "Titanic" April 14th/15th 1912. Dedicated to William H.Tantum, IV whose dream to find the "Titanic" has been realised by Dr.Robert D.Ballard The Officers and Members of the Titanic Historical Society, Inc 1986."

“The Explorers Club - In recognition of the scientific efforts of the American and French explorers who found the R.M.S. Titanic. Be it resolved that any who may come hereafter leave undisturbed this ship and her contents as a memorial to deepwater exploration. July 12, 1986”

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