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Alain Delon - Tango in Ebony (Maksim Mrvica)

(💛😉🎈3rd Aug 2020:
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( PLs excuse💚 - Re-uploaded with audio enhanced)

Alain's figure and poses are absolutely gorgeous+cool. No need for a formal Tango but his looks, his moves and poses filled every second/every notes with beauty and inspiration! ❤ 

Alain's acting and martial arts are superbe,  but dancing and singing are somehow another gifts one cannot easily acquire. (That's why I have Elvis, David, Bruno & Kenji on other list, haha).  Clips from 1967 Les Aventuriers & The Samurai, 1960 Rocco and the 1959 show. 

*He walks like an angel, back straight, upto the air (a must training for all artists in the old days),  and moves smart with extreme light steps, as feather, and bouncing as a star.   (I've said I'm a bit obsessed to see him walk.  However on x'mas eve 2017, I'm surprised that nnikolle (her instagram nnikollenico, praising other guy but forgotten Alain's walk and his best figure.  I will make a small clip to remind her...haha)

A very good piece of music played by Maksim Mrvica, a Croatian Pianist.(Trimmed a bit.)
https://youtu.be/ep_oxMUR8u4  15+ years ago, he's the first few to commercialize classical music successfully.  My top list is his Croatian Rhapsody that I made the clip 7 years ago. https://youtu.be/I1lmi2AajRQ

#AlainDelon #GreatMusicForLife

Видео Alain Delon - Tango in Ebony (Maksim Mrvica) канала queeniewong07
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