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Transformers VS Jurassic World | Stop Motion Animation Toy Parody |

It's finally here!! After almost two years I'm back full swing with the fourth installment in the series! Optimus is away from the park, he has found something in the desert... During Optimus' absence, the Autobots have been managing the park in a dubious manner... The newcomer Hot Rod is bringing a suspicious Decepticon as the Entrance ticket to the Park...

I hope y'all enjoy this! Filming took almost a month, I could only film in the weekends, 1 to 2 minutes of footage for 2-3 hours a day. Editing took two weeks. The average frame-rate is 15 fps. As soon an the Studio Series came out I knew I had to put that Grimlock in the next installment. It's a pretty jaw-dropping figure!

Special thanks to Umberto Giordano for providing the roars and snarls of the dinobots! Also thanks to Swagwave, who provided me with the Dragonstorm figure as the prize for the last Age of Swagwave contest!

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Видео Transformers VS Jurassic World | Stop Motion Animation Toy Parody | канала Lumaken Studio
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