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Musician Careers That Were Destroyed By A Moment In History

In the music industry, it probably feels pretty good to be at the top of your game. Unfortunately, it also means there’s only one way to go from there: down. Just ask these musicians, whose careers were destroyed by everything from criminal scandals to wardrobe malfunctions to lip-sync nightmares.

In 1958, rock 'n' roll icon Jerry Lee Lewis decided to take his underage wife with him on his tour of England. What happened next isn’t much of a surprise. Lewis had neglected to tell anyone he was newly married, so when he rocked up with Myra Gail Lewis in tow, the British press were naturally curious. A Daily Mail reporter, Paul Tanfield, happened to ask how old the newlywed was. Lewis said she was 15 and ended his transatlantic career in one fell swoop.

The worst part of all this is that Lewis was lying; Myra was actually 13. Oh, and she was Lewis' cousin, too. Naturally, his British tour collapsed. Those that showed up to his gigs only booed him. Concerts were canceled, his expensive hotel kicked him out, and when he finally hightailed it back to the States, he found he'd been blacklisted from the industry. The radio would no longer play his songs, he was dropped from TV appearances, and demand for his performances all but disappeared, though he never lost his recording contract and continued to release a number of mostly unsuccessful singles.

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