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Sleep Talking Part 1 - Alexa Chung Learns About 'Bediquette' | ALEXACHUNG

Yes my friends, I am back! As you will see I have just designed my first sleepwear collection, and it was a dream (pun entirely intended)...

I might have the pyjamas (or pajamas) but as someone who is yet to perfect the art of sleeping well, I have embarked upon some a journey to find out how to get the best night's ZZZs. First up, a visit to my meditative friend, Amber Anderson. She is not only a fab actress but a music genius who swears by weighted blankets...

You can follow Amber here: https://www.instagram.com/amberandergram/

If you would like to check out my ALEXACHUNG Sleepwear it has launched here

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Видео Sleep Talking Part 1 - Alexa Chung Learns About 'Bediquette' | ALEXACHUNG канала ALEXACHUNG
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15 ноября 2019 г. 22:00:00