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The Big Lie: The Cancer Bride

The New York woman who faked a cancer diagnosis and scored thousands of dollars in wedding donations now says she didn't act alone.

In her first broadcast interview, Jessica Vega told "20/20″ co-anchor Elizabeth Vargas that a friend forged letters from doctors about her supposed cancer treatments and that Vega signed them.

Vega would not reveal the friend's identity, but said that person was no longer in her social circle.

"I'm not a snitch," she said, but later added, "I don't need that person in my life anymore. "

Vega, 25, was living in Montgomery, N.Y. when she told her then-boyfriend, Michael O'Connell, that she was battling a rare form of leukemia and had six months to live. Word spread and soon Vega's story was featured in a local newspaper. Friends and those sympathetic to Vega's story came forward with donations of more than $13,000 to pay for the couple's wedding and honeymoon.

For more on this story: http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/headlines/2012/06/cancer-bride-alleges-accomplice-but-wont-snitch/

Видео The Big Lie: The Cancer Bride канала ABC News
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