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Tankless Hot Water Review- After 1 Year - Honest Customer Review

We've been using a Navien NPE-180A tankless hot water system for a year now, and we thought we'd give an honest review of the pros and cons of going to a tankless hot water system from an owner's perspective. Spoiler alert: After one year, we're happy we chose the Navien tankless system vs. a standard hot water tank system. It isn't perfect though. There are some trade offs, so here's the pros and cons we've seen over the past year.

• Endless Hot Water
• Less Wasteful (when not being used)
• Supporting the Movement/Industry

• Probably More Expensive Upfront
• Less consistent heat (when more than one person is using it)
• Maintenance is needed
• Requires electrical power
• Little extra noise compared to our old hot water tank system

Also, here's some possible FYIs:
• It is a condensing system, so it will drain a little excess water... and in our case, that required us to buy an extra device. (If you have a drain lower than the bottom of the unit, this might not apply to you.)
• Extra sump pump is needed, if you plan to flush the system yourself (which you totally should - it isn't difficult!)
• Extra room/space around the unit is really nice - especially around the bottom of the unit. This helps when it comes time to flush the system.
• Venting will likely need to be different than if you had a hot water tank. These tankless units require fresh air intake and exhaust vent.

That's our review of the Navien tankless hot water system after using it for a year. Please leave a comment and let me know if this was helpful or not? Or if you think I missed anything? Thanks for watching!

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