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Mysterious Things That Will Make Your Jaw Drop

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Narrated by James LaFleur - http://youtube.com/Jaymez

From mysterious things such as a creepy noise heard at night to unexplained and mind blowing "glitches in the matrix" , in this video I will analyse mysterious things that will certainly make your jaw drop. A couple of weeks ago a person was able to capture a strange noise he heard in the middle of the night but what was actually captured on camera was not expected at all. OmarGoshTV uses randonautica when things start to get creepy. Creatures that will leave you scratching your head and the mystery of Abiud Hernandez explained, this and much more !
Welcome to impossible channel where I upload new videos 2 times a week, so count on James LaFleur for more of the strange and unbelievable. I only analyze the most mind blowing and creepiest of the internet videos for your entertainment.
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Welcome to the Impossible Channel,
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