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What I found on the internet #1

And here are the credits from the videos that I have used.
But remember I cannot guarantee whether they are the rightful owners of the videos
-Links has been removed.
Thank you!

Credits :
foot shaving cream - @vineet10
Diving - @Barstool Sports
Big Eplosion - @forfun
Just standard cat things - @imgur
Cute cow - @weibo
Kawasaki bikecycle - @maswanz
Barking dog - @Jimmy Arreola
Joking at work#1 - @twimg
Dog Has The Coolest Sense Of Fashion - @Viralsnare
Funny fall of a young skateboarder - @Zagony
Dancer Dog Has Got The Moves - @Viralsnare
plumber takes a tumble into a customer's hedge - @DeadlinenewsTV
the dog ran in the hallway - @tovarovedas
AAAA aaaa AAAA !!! - @We Are Disneyland
To protect and serve - @cctv_idiots
Cow Walks With Its Head Shoved In A Plastic Bucket - @Viralsnare
shocked cow - @weibo.com
Fell into the river - @BRustomjee
Dog.exe error -@luisonte
BANZAI !!! - @imgur
Cat - @GorditosGatitos
Mom ! - @twimg
An interesting idea for repairing streetlights - @trinixy
The food is poisonous - @LepapillonBlu
Crane on fire - @عناتا اون لاين
sleeping pig - @Bianca22
Chihuahua Shows The Evil Side - @Viralsanre
Upsss... the engine is gone - @weibo
Oh my god! #1 - @Miki Teoh小虾米
Oh my god! #2 - @mangavines
Boat fail - @barstoolsports
Duck Chose The Wrong Spot Of The River To Chill - @Viralsnare
Suicide Prevention Sign Was In The Wrong Place - @Viralsnare
the best way to wrap a package - @debeste
Corgi Creeps up on Whipped Cream - @ViralHog
That's his pizza now - @9Gag
hold the mic - @JohnRed60715784
Beer challenge - @laurrrenhunter
cardboard box Costume - @9Gag
joking at work#2 - @شقلح-Shaqla7
Prank at the pool - @김유리
Bikecycle - @cctv_idiots
Sleepy Dog Makes a Funny Face - @ViralHog

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