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My Dolan Twin Experience

I nevah post um late k…. I when just post um Hawaiian Time.


I’M WELL AWARE ITS NOT FRIDAY DONT @ ME I just wanted to post it while y’all were awake so just be happy it’s up lol. Sorry if the video isn’t what y’all expected, but it is what it is dude.


Me talking about my warehouse experience with two goofs known as the Dolan Twins :))


My Stuffs ~*~

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The Twins Stuffs ~*~

Insta: (@graysondolan) https://www.instagram.com/graysondolan/

Twitter: (@graysondolan) https://mobile.twitter.com/graysondolan

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Insta: (@ethandolan) https://www.instagram.com/ethandolan/

Twitter: (@ethandolan) https://mobile.twitter.com/ethandolan

Snapchat: EthanDolan


Background Music: Simple Ukulele

Outro Song: Simple Ukulele Trap Remix (https://youtu.be/8Fjn43iW2Y0)

Видео My Dolan Twin Experience канала Talyn Moe
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17 марта 2018 г. 20:48:37